All 11 Races Completed
1. John Stubbers
2. Kirk Maupin
3. Joey Caines
4. Doug Kirk
5. Brent Edinger
6. Gene Gager
7. Mike Cathey
8. Kerry Case
9. Jeff Snell
10. Dave Ono

2016 Season High Pts Champion
John Stubbers

The 2017 Season

UNW will be holding the first race of the season next Saturday April 1st at Twin lakes Marysville for the running of the Thunder on the Pond. Last year's winner was Joey Caines. UNW has race classes of 1/8 scale Nitro, Scale Gas Hydro, and Electric Scale. Hope to see a large field to start the season off.

Please remember to have your NAMBA insurance card with you.

UNW Boat Registrations

The Nitro and Gas Scale Hydro owner registrations for 2017 have been posted on the Downloads page.

2017 Race Schedule

The 2017 Race Schedule is set and now updated on the webpage. It is also available in .pdf form on the Downloads page. Please note that due to the reduced schedule we will be having 2 dropped races instead of 3 for the season high points title.

Gas Scale Boat Registrations

Just a reminder that Febuary 15th is fast approaching - If you plan on registering your Gas Scale this year please send the form below and payment to Doug Kirk - If you have sold your hull please make sure you send a message to the current owner so they don't lose their registration. After the February 15th deadline, all unregistered hulls will be considered open.

Stay tuned for a tentative race schedule - The plan for 2017 is to run with both UNW and RCU as we have done in the past - As soon as I can look at both clubs' confirmed schedules for 2017, we will get input from owners of registered hulls and form a plan for a 2017 race schedule.

Please contact me directly with any question you might have - Marty
  UNW Registration Form

T.I.R.A. Rookie of the Year

We'd like to congratulate UNW's own John Reifel for being the recipient of the Tacoma Inboard Racing Association's Rookie of the Year award for 2016. John is the driver of the 5 liter boat e226.

Nice work John!

Fuel & Plug Buy

Kirk Maupin is putting together a Red Max Fuel buy. The cost is $34 per gallon for 60%. The cost of shipping is quite pricy this time. In order to get this price we must purchase a minimum of 130 gallons. Contact Kirk at Kirk will need to receive checks by Feb. 7th.
Kirk's Address:
30 212th St SW
Bothell, WA 98021

Mike Cathey will be supplying the plug buy this year.
Glow Plug Buy - McCoy MC 9 plugs ONLY - $56 for sheet of 12
To be picked up at the fuel buy. He won't ship them, but he will take them to the races. Make checks payable to:
Mike Cathey (not UNW)
18483 47th Place NE
Lake Forest Park, WA. 98155

Questions? Call Mike at 206-240-4463
Same cut-off date as the fuel buy Feb. 7th.

2017 UNW Boat Registrations

2017 UNW Registrations are open for 1/8 scale nitro hydros, Gas scale hydro and 1/8 scale Electric hydros. To see the current registrations click on the Downloads Page and you will find "UNW Nitro Boat Registrations" and "UNW Gas Boat Registrations". A registration form will be made for any 1/8 Scale Electric hydros that are interested in registering with the club.

To register your boat please click on the UNW Boat Registration Form and fill it out for your class of boats. Registrations will be open until February 28th. Please register as soon as you can.

Apple Cup Results

16 scale hydros and 3 gas scale hydros met at Twin Lakes in Marysville to via for the 2016 Apple Cup trophy. A beautiful day of racing with many competitive heats all day. As the preliminary heats concluded the consolation race had Brent Edinger with the Pride of Pay N Pak, Beau Rarig Mis Circus Circus, Paul Jackson Pete's Wicked Ale, Joey Caines Miss Houston, and Gene Gager Notre Dame. Pete's Wicked Ale went dead coming down to the start and the Miss Houston held the inside lane and led from wire to wire to win the consolation race and moving up as the sixth boat in the final heat.
The final heat had Joey Caines with the Miss Houston, Kirk Maupin - Miss Esquire, Jim Putich - Spirit of Qatar, John Stubbers' - Miss Crazy Tomato, Mike Cathey - America Speedy Printing (blue) and Doug Kirk - Notre Dame.

As the boats lined up for the start, Crazy Tomato held the inside lane Miss Houston lane two Notre Dame, lane three, Spirit of Qatar lane four, American Speedy Printing lane five and Miss Esquire outside lane six. Going into the first turn the Crazy Tomato hit the apex buoy and ended his day. All other boats came through the turn and up the back stretch with the Miss Houston now moving into the inside lane. After two laps the Miss Esquire came on strong on the outside to pass the inside boats and set his sights on the Miss Houston. Miss Houston with the inside advantage was just too strong and was able to hold off the hard charging Miss Houston by 12 boat lengths to win the Apple Cup.

Congratulations to Joey Caines and the Miss Houston on winning the 2016 Apple Cup.

Next race, the Emerald Cup at Lake Tye in Monroe September 17th, will wind up the UNW season

2016 NW Scale Hydroplane Race

The 13th Annual Northwest Scale Hydroplane Championship is taking place October 8th and 9th at Twin Lakes Park in Arlington Washington. Currently we are planning on having open water for testing on Friday afternoon October 7th. There will be very little time for testing on race days so please take advantage of Friday's open water.

This year we will be running five classes of Scale Hydroplanes, Gas Scale Hydro, 1/8 Scale Nitro, 1/8 Scale Electric ,1/10 Scale Electric and 1/7 Scale Electric. For 1/8 scale FE we will follow RCU rules.
If you have any questions about the race or need to know if your boat will be legal in its respective class please contact me at

Race Schedule:
Friday Afternoon - Open Water
Saturday - 1/7 Scale Electric will run all preliminary and final heats - Gas Scale, 1/8 Scale Nitro, 1/8 Scale Electric will run three or four preliminary heats
Sunday - 1/10 Scale Electric will run all preliminary and final heats - Gas Scale, 1/8 Scale Nitro and 1/8 Scale Electric will run the rest of their preliminary heats and final heats.

Diamond Cup

12 scale hydros met at Twin Lakes in Marysville to vie for the 2016 Diamond Cup trophy. This race had a new racer; Duane Carlson the Grandson of Mike Cathey. Duane took the controls of Mike's Blue American Speedy Printing.

As the preliminary heats concluded the consolation race had Jim Putich with the 2012 Spirit of Qatar, Mike Cathey in the red Speedy Printing, Marty Shallenberger making his first appearance with the 1990 Oh Boy! Oberto, Brent Edinger with the Pride of Pay N Pak and John Stubbers with the Crazy Tomato. John Stubbers held on to win the consolation race and moved up to the final heat joining Gene Gager Notre Dame, Duane Carlson with his first race with the Blue American Speedy Printing, Kirk Maupin with the Miss Esquire, and Paul Jackson back with the repaired Pete's Wicked Ale. All Boats completed the final heat with Kirk Maupin outlasting the field and winning the 2016 Diamond Cup. The Notre Dame came in 2nd, Paul Jackson 3rd, Duane Carlson 4th, and John Subbers 5th.

Congratulations to Kirk Maupin.

Our next race will be Sept 10th in Marysville.

2016 Gold Cup Race

The UNW Gold Cup was held at Twin Lakes in Marysville with Gene Gager trying to defend the Gold Cup as last year's champion. 10 boats came out to race with a very competitive and close racing by all drivers. After some great preliminary heat action the consolation heat was set with Dave Ono KISW Rock, Kerry Case Northwest Tank service, Doug Kirk Notre Dame, and John Hruby Circus Circus, at the start of the heat all 4 boats lined up for the start with the Notre Dame on the inside and the Circus Circus on the outside together through the first turn and up the back stretch, John Hruby passed the Notre Dame from the outside and took first place to move up to the final winner take all heat.

John and the Circus Circus joined Mike Cathey American Speedy Printing, Joey Caines Miss Houston, Gene Gager Notre Dame and John Stubbers Miss Crazy Tomato. As the boat came to the starting line all boats jumped the gun and all boats penalized one lap. John Stubbers took the early lead on the inside lane with the Crazy Tomato and John Hruby with the Circus Circus again on the outside lane and battled the Crazy Tomato for first place through 2 laps and the Circus Circus had the superior speed and went on to win the Gold Cup final heat, Crazy Tomato came in Second place, Joey Caines with the Miss Houston third place. The Notre Dame and the American Speedy printing did not finish.

Congratulations to John Hruby 2016 Gold Cup Champion.

Silver Cup Race recap

UNW Silver Cup was held at Lake Tye in Monroe July 10th with Kerry Case as the Contest Director.
There was a field of 12 scale nitro boats and 5 Gas Scale boats under great water conditions and fast speeds. The Gas boats had 5 sections with the Domino's Pizza, Squire Shop, U-95, Maverick and The Spirit of Dayton Walther. John Reifel with the U-95 prevailed as winner of the Gas Scale Hydros based on overall points

The Nitro 1/8 Scale hydros had great competition throughout the day and the 4 consolation boats were Beau Rarig Miss Circus Circus, Gene Gager Notre Dame, Brent Edinger Pride of Pay N Pak, and Jim Putich Spirit of Qatar. Brent Edinger with the Pride of Pay N Pak, took the inside lane and took the first turn in the lead and never let go taking first place and moving up to the final heat. Gene Gager came in second place, Beau Rarig third place and Jim Putich could not finish the heat.

The Silver cup final heat had Brent with the Pay N Pak, Mike Cathey American Speedy Printing, Doug Kirk Notre Dame, Joey Caines Miss Renault, and John Stubbers' Miss Crazy Tomato. As the final seconds in the mill ticked down the Notre Dame hit a buoy taking it out of the race, with Crazy Tomato on the inside lane, Miss Renault lane two, American Speedy Printing lane three and Pay N Pak on the outside. After the start the Miss Renault rode the roostertail of the Crazy Tomato and flipped over taking it out of the race. Brent Edinger rolled the Pay N Pak and took it out of the race, and John Stubbers with the Crazy Tomato held inside position and led the rest of the field to victory. Mike Cathey finished in second place.
Congratulations to John Stubbers with the Miss Crazy Tomato on a perfect 2000 point day and the winner of the Silver Cup.

The Gold Cup will be the next race in Marysville on July 23rd.

Silver Cup

Reminder to all racers that this weeks Silver Cup is taking place on Sunday July 10th in Monroe

Molson Thunderfest

Molson Thunderfest was held at Lake Tye for the first time this year and UNW had 14 boats enter the race, John Reifel, and Steve Roman made their 2016 debut. The preliminary heats had some very fast and competitive heats. An example of the days comepetitive racing there was a run off between Adam Putich (Beacon Plumbing) and John Stubbers (Crazy Tomato) who were tied in points for the last entry in the final heat. Adam had the Beacon on the inside lane and held off John with the Crazy Tomato until the Beacon Plumbing coupler let go and gave the run off heat win to the Crazy Tomato.

The consolation race was next with Adam (Beacon Plumbing), Jeff Snell (AA Auto Parts), Dave Ono (KISW Miss Rock), Brent Edinger (Pride of Pay N Pak), and Beau Rarig driving Joey Caines' (Miss Renault). The Beacon Plumbing was able to get the inside lane at the start and held on to win the Consolation Heat and move up to the final winner take all heat.

The Beacon Plumbing joined Doug Kirk (Notre Dame), Mike Cathey (American Speedy Printing), John Hruby (Miss Circus Circus), and John Stubbers (Crazy Tomato) as final heat contestants.
As the boats were coming down for the start they were spaced very evenly with Crazy Tomato on the inside lane and leading the field to the first turn. John Hruby came from the outside lane and took over the lead and held on to win his first race of the season with the Crazy Tomato finishing 2nd place, American Speedy Printing 3rd place, Notre Dame 4th place and Crazy Tomato placed 5th after hitting a bouy.

Congratulations to John Hruby for winning the 2016 Molson Thunderfest.

Lake Tye This Saturday

Hi everyone, this weekend we will be at Monroe for the first time this year. The Parks Dept. is rebuilding the skate park and the contractor is using the parking lot we normally use to park their equipment. We have permission to back the trailer in there and unload it but must pull it out to allow for emergency access to the lake. The more people we get there early, to help with this the better. The trailer should be there by 7:30.

For unloading your stuff from your trucks we can use the turnaround for LOADING and UNLOADING ONLY. Kind of like the north lake at Marysville. Same at the end of the day. Have your stuff in a pile and then bring your vehicle to the turnaround to load up and make room for the next guy.

As always we welcome all classes of scale boats if you can get together 3 boats to make a heat.

Crystal Cup Update

Huge news for the RC Extravaganza in Chehalis June 25/26. Just got off the phone with Troy Graham of Graham Trucking and we will have the Display Hull at the race for the weekend. Thank you very much Graham Trucking and Family.

We hope to see lots of visitors over the course of the weekend, bring your families, bring your EZ ups and lawn chairs, bring a picnic, water and sunblock and enjoy some of the best Scale hydroplane racing the Northwest has to offer. I encourage boat racers from all classes from radio controlled all the way up to the Unlimiteds to come down and help be a part of this special event. We hope to see some of the drivers come down and share in the fun in the sun and tell some stories to participants and fans that show up to watch the racing.

PNWTA Facebook Page

John Reifel has passed along a link to the Pacific Northwest Thunderboat Association's Facebook page. As they describe it: "We are Scale Unlimited Hydroplane racers dedicated to 1/6 scale gas remote control hydroplane racing. Our boats are replicas, fast, big and fun as all heck".

Click the link below to go to their Facebook page
Pac NW Thunderboat Assoc Facebook Page
(also added to the Links page)

Seafair Race

Seafair Trophy race sponsored by the Putich Family and had 14 nitro boats and 3 gas scale hydros racing under cloudy skies and calm water. Preliminary heat races were very competitive and with several side by side racing.
The consolation race had 6 contestants Adam Putich (Miss Beacon Plumbing) Joey Caines (Miss Renault) Brent Edinger (Pride of Pay N Pak) Dave Ono (KISW Miss Rock) Jim Putich (Qatar) Kirk Maupin (Miss Esquire) as the heat began Kirk Maupin, after struggling all day with gremlins, took the lead from the outside and led the field wire to wire to win the consolation heat. With this win Kirk moved up to the final heat joining John Hruby (Miss Circus Circus) John Stubbers (Miss Crazy Tomato) Jeff Snell (AA Auto Parts) Kerry Case (U-76) and Doug Kirk (Notre Dame).
The final heat began with the U-76 spinning a drive dog and dropping out on the launch. As the rest of the field came down to the start, a classic battle was about to happen with Miss Crazy Tomato leading the field on the inside lane, and going up the back stretch both the Circus Circus and the Miss Esquire pulled ahead on the outside of Crazy Tomato and went side by side for over three laps when the Miss Esquire hit bad water lifting the boat and rolling over then the Circus Circus on the inside hit a wave and stuffed the boat. This gave Crazy Tomato the lead and the win with AA Auto Parts a close 2nd and Notre Dame came in 3rd.
Congratulations to John Stubbers with his second win and taking the Seafair Trophy Race.

Scale RC Racing Extravaganza

Joey Caines is sponsoring the Crystal Cup in Chehalis June 25th & 26th.
He has put together quite an event that he is calling the Scale RC Racing Extravaganza. The .pdf below has all the details
Scale RC Racing Extravaganza.pdf

Atomic Cup

The Atomic race was held in Marysville Twin Lakes with 14 boats entering the race. With good racing and some attrition of some of the boats through the preliminary heats, 4 boats made the consolation heat.
Jim Putich with the 2014 Qatar, Joey Caines Miss Houston, Doug Kirk Notre Dame, and Brent Edinger Pay n Pak. With two boats not starting and the Miss Houston going dead, The Pride of Pay n Pak won the heat without competition and joined the final heat five boats. Kerry Case U-76, Mike Cathey Speedy Printing, John Stubbers Miss Crazy Tomato, Kirk Maupin Esquire, and Jeff Snell AA Auto Parts.
As the final heat mill time was counting down the Esquire went dead in the back stretch and out of the race, Crazy Tomato made a perfect start on the inside lane and held on to win his first race of the season.
Congratulations to John Stubbers with the Atomic Cup win!

Glen Ono Memorial

Glen Ono Memorial race was held at Twin Lakes in Marysville. UNW shared the race with ESU Electric Scale Thunder and had a terrific day of racing. The UNW 1/8 scale race was sponsored by Dave Ono and Gene Gager. Pat Ono and Mary Gager provided a wonderful Hotdog lunch again for all the racers which was very much appreciated!!
14 Boats entered the race and when all the preliminary heats were completed we had 3 contestants for the consolation race which had Joey Caines "Miss Houston" Jim Putich "Spirit of Qatar" and Kirk Maupin "Squire shop". The start of the race had all three boats heading into the first turn with the Squire Shop on the inside lane. The Miss Houston on the outside lane, and colliding with the spirit of Qatar and taking both out of the race. This gave The Squire Shop the win of the consolation and moving up to the final heat.
The final heat had John Stubbers "Miss Crazy Tomato", Gene Gager "Notre Dame", Brent Edinger "Pride of Pay N Pak", Adam Putich "Beacon Plumbing", Doug Kirk "Notre Dame", and Kirk Maupin "Squire Shop". Before the start of the race the Beacon Plumbing could not get started and 5 boats came down the line at the start. Going through and out of the first turn the Squire Shop had the lead and held through to take the Glen Ono Memorial Race. Crazy Tomato came in second place followed by Brent Edinger 3rd, Gene Gager 4th Doug Kirk DNF.
Congratulations to Kirk Maupin and the Squire Shop for capturing the 2016 Glen Ono Memorial race.

Thunder on the Pond

The UNW first race Thunder on the Pond held on the North Lake in Marysville had 15 boats participating. Joey Caines also provided live stream heat racing throughout the day on Face book.
The preliminary heats were very competitive with some working the bugs out after being on the shelf over the winter. Good to see the return of John Stubbers with the Miss Crazy Tomato after 7 years away and the anticipated return of the recovered stolen Atlas Van Lines that Kirk Maupin had been searching for over the last couple years.
When the preliminary heats were completed the consolation contestants were Dave Ono "KISW Miss Rock" Brent Edinger "Pride of Pay N Pak", Gene Gager "Notre Dame", Paul Jackson "Petes Wicked Ale", Jim Putich "Spirit of Qatar" and Kirk Maupin "Atlas Van Lines". Scoring up for the turn to the start both Notre Dame and Petes Wicked ale collided on the entrance pin and put both boats out. Kirk Maupin drove the Atlas Van lines from the outside position to win the consolation race and join the top 5 point leaders to the final heat. The final heat had Joey Caines "Miss Houston", Doug Kirk "Notre Dame", Kerry Case "North West Tank Service", Adam Putich "Miss Beacon Plumbing", John Stubbers "Miss Crazy Tomato" and Kirk Maupin "Atlas Van Lines". The start of the race had , Miss Beacon Plumbing on the inside lane and jumping the start, Miss Houston in lane two, Crazy Tomato lane three, Atlas Van Lines lane four , North West Tank Service lane five and Notre Dame outside. Going through the first turn, miss Beacon Plumbing flipped and the Crazy tomato lead up the back stretch. Crazy Tomato held the lead through the first lap with the Miss Houston moving up inside the Crazy Tomato with the Atlas Van Lines outside and behind. The Miss Houston made an inside move on the right turn and took over the lead and the Crazy tomato rolled and was out of the race. The Atlas Lines gave chase to the Miss Houston but could not catch up and the Miss Houston earned the win for the first race of the year. Atlas Van Lines 2nd place, North West Tank Service 3rd and Notre Dame 4th.

Congratulations to Joey Caines for taking the Thunder on the Pond first race of the 2016 Season.

UNW 2016 Opening Race

The first race of the 2016 Season - Thunder on the Pond - will take place April 2nd at Twin Lakes in Marysville on the North Pond. This year UNW will be hosting the scale gas hydroplanes and the 1/8th scale Electric Hydroplanes, along with the traditional 1/8th scale nitro hydroplanes. Please be sure to get your NAMBA insurance card in advance of the first race. Hope to see all the racers on April 2nd!

2016 UNW Racing Schedule

It's now finalized and you can see it on the "Schedule" page and download it off the "Downloads" page

File Updates

Doug Kirk has updated the Master Hull Roster and also the 2016 Boat Registration files. Go to the Downloads Page to view or download. Also the 2016 Boat Registrations are now open. Boats need to be registered by Feb 28th, 2016.

1/8th Scale Electrics

The Board unanimously voted to include 1/8th scale electrics in the UNW schedule. The electrics will run in much the same vein as the 1/6th scale gas boats in that if enough show up, we will run the heats. We will not be doing registrations, tracking points or have trophy plaques at this point. David Newton has agreed to be an advisor to the UNW Board regarding the class.

The electrics will adhere to all general UNW racing rules in that the boats must have a safety inspection before competing (or if they have had a collision, radio issues or run up on the beach), driver's must have current NAMBA insurance. All UNW specifications regarding scale dimensions, paint and graphics, configuration of hulls (Canard designs are not allowed in UNW competition in any class), driver's changes and entry fees must be adhered to. All racing rules such as right of way, roostertail length to make a pass, penalties, infractions and sportsmanship shall remain in place. Boats must be on a plane at the 30 second to the start mark, and shall maintain forward momentum throughout the remainder of the heat. Boats that have stalled shall be considered DNF but may, when safe, move the boat out of the lanes of competition.

Both NAMBA and RCU spec. boats may compete.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a board member for more information